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Safety Mat
Whether for machines, robots or transfer lines - having a safety mat offers maximum protection for hazardous areas of movement.  There are safety mats with rubber surface topping for anti-slip protection and/or to avoid the danger of tripping - also with matching ramp rails.  For any shape area and requirements.

Applications:  Occupational safety, Buses + trains.

Safety Edges
From lifting platforms to machine doors, from sliding shelves to roll-up gates - these safety edges are based on the closed circuit principle to provide protection from potentially dangerous automatic movements. Slight pressure is sufficient to avert the danger.  Come in standard and customized length.

Applications:  Occupational safety, Doors + gates, Buses + trains, Medical technology.

Safety Bumper
These are impact cushions made of soft foam with a polyurethane skin with built in safety cut off.  The soft foam body prevents injuries to personnel and damage to property until a safe standstill is achieved. This safety system is also monitored and provides a high degree of safety.  Available in four  standard profiles, adaptable for your individual requirements.

Applications:  Occupational safety, Doors + gates, Medical technology

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