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DC Tachogenerators or tachometers, are usually called "tachos" for short.  They are devices that are used for measuring actual speed values, which in drive engineering combine high control dynamics and ruggedness.

Encoders are devices used for measuring speed and position in drive technology. 

Types of encoders include:  Incremental (Digital Tachos), Sinewave (Sinus Tachos) + Absolute (Single/Multi Turn).

Variations of Tachos:  Solid shaft, hollow shaft + solid/hollow shaft.

Speed Switches
Speed switches are devices used to monitor speed limits. 

Mechanical switches:  are commonly used for safety monitoring of speeds in drive engineering, regardless of the control system.

Electronic switches:   use a rectified voltage and the potentiometers are set so that the relays are operated when the speed limits are reached.

Digital switches:  use HTL or TTL signals from a rotary incremental encoder that is independently of the drive control system itself, to generate an output signal for each one of three separately adjustable speeds.

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