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Signal Towers
These 50mm and 70mm diameter towers provide alarmingly bright signals for additional safety.  Unique features, such as the practical bayonet fixing system facilitating simple operation and modular assembly are incorporated for tool free bulb changes.  Available in a variety of optical and audible elements and a comprehensive array of accessories for every application.

Optical Signal Devices
Whether on mechanical engineering equipment or alarm systems - optical signal devices are commonly found in a wide range of applications.  Available in flashing beacons, signal beacons, hanging lamp signal beacons, LED signal beacons, installation signal beacons, & rotating mirror beacons.

Optical/Audible Signal Devices
Both an optical and audio signal device, this new signal combination will extend the application possibilities of multi-level signaling.  Varieties include, warning beacon tube with buzzer, buzzer/light combination, buzzer/flash combination, horn/light combination, horn/flash combination.

Audible Signal Devices
Relatively loud signal tones are often required, due to the high level of background noise in factories and/or schools to mark intervals and/or to alert of danger.  Available as, electronic panel mount buzzers, modular tower mount buzzers, sirens, sound transmitters, installation buzzers, signal horns, motor sirens, & alarm bells.

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